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Invest Bank of Montenegro has its roots back in the year 1961 when it was founded under the name of Pljevaljska Banka. Within the fast growing Atlas Group our task is to serve as its financial control centre and as gate to the global financial markets enhancing the group's expansion. We are the first investment bank in Montenegro and as such bound to remain number one in Montenegro and to be among the top three investment banks in the Balkans. We are dedicated to support not only the private sector in the Balkans. Development of infrastructure in Montenegro in particular and in South East Europe in general is also a focal point of ours, assisting to keep pace with the tremendous growth in the region, while simultaneously maximizing the ratio of return to risk of our customers.
Going with the group's philosophy "always with the best", we are disposing of excellent international personnel and a profound global network. We are committed to growth and its enhancement being part of the region knowing its idiosyncrasies. In this way, we can assist our international clientele the best, putting our main focus on generating added values for it. As a first bank in the field of investment banking business in Montenegro we strive to set world standards and become state of the art investment bank, not only in Montenegro but in the region as well. We deem that investment banking business has a chance for tremendous prosperity taking into account favorable regional tendencies and occurrences in the capital market. Invest Bank of Montenegro is committed to a role of regional leadership in all facets of our business. 

IBM defines its role as a bridge between the Balkans and the global financial markets, deliberately opening the Region to foreign investments on the one hand and the Balkan population to the financial markets all over the world on the other hand. Furthermore, providing high net worth-markets with Balkan state of the art-investment products.
IBM is a financial boutique placing its clientele's needs in the centre point, supportively accompanying its customers on their path of growth.

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