The mission of Invest Bank Montenegro is putting client's needs first and customer support in the way of growth, while maintaining long-term relationships and cooperation, efficient satisfaction of their claims.

In keeping with the philosophy of the group "always the best", Invest bank Montenegro has a great team that provides gradual growth and development of its commitment, concern about investments and increase value for customers and shareholders of the bank.

In addition to a focus on the customer, an important determinant of business is permanently high quality in all business segments, with long-term stable and safe operations adapted to the conditions at the local and regional market.

Board of Directors:
Aleksandar Krtinić President
Ljiljana Milić Vice president
Prof dr Dragoljub Janković Member
Predrag Dašić Member
Basil Petrides Member
Executive Directors of the Bank:
Zoran Nikolić, CEO
Predrag Dašić, Executive Director
Audit Committee:
Jelena Žugić President
Mirjana Damjanović Vice president
Sonja Burzan Member
Internal audit:
Marina Dedić, Internal auditor
Anti-money laundering and terrorist financing:
Novica Radović, Authorized person
Milena Radonjić, Authorized person
Risk Management:
Ana Brailo, Risk manager

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The value of one euro denominated in other currencies:

AUD - Australian dollar1.5379
CAD - Canadian dollar1.5194
HRK - Hrvatska kuna7.4235
DKK - Danish krone7.4492
HKD - Hong Kong dollar9.5680
JPY - Japanese yen135.4000
NOK - Norwegian krone9.6308
SEK - Swedish krona9.8228
CHF - Swiss franc1.1795
GBP - British pound0.8886
USD - United States dollar1.2230
RSD - Serbian dinar118.3742
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SEK - Swedish krona
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GBP - British pound
USD - United States dollar
RSD - Serbian dinar
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