Invest Bank Montenegro, the first bank in Montenegro to provide brokerage services, offers intermediating in transactions with financial instruments at Montenegro Stock Exchange, in accordance with highest professional standards.

As a member of Montenegro Stock Exchange and Central Depository Agency we provide You with fast and simple securities trading. This includes account opening (securities and cash accounts), transaction execution, and settlement of securities. We provide investment, takeover and emission consultancy for our clients as well.

Invest Bank Montenegro will buy and sell securities for you within an optimal time scope, and inform you regularly about the conditions at the capital market.


In accordance with licences from Central Bank of Montenegro and Securities Commission of Montenegro, Invest Bank provides investment funds with depository services, and offers a range of services defined with Rules on conducting depository operations (Official Gazette of Montenegro No. 01/12, 09/12).

Depository department of Invest Bank Montenegro is a member of Central Depository Agency, and provides following funds with depository services:

  • Open ended investment fund “Atlas Mont”- in the process of transformation;
  • Open ended investment fund “HLT” – in the process of transformation;
  • Closed ended investment fund “Atlas Mont”- in the process of transformation
  • Closed ended investment fund “HLT”- in the process of transformation.


Invest Bank Montenegro is the first custody bank in Montenegro. In accordance with licences from Central Bank of Montenegro and Securities Commission of Montenegro, the Bank provides clients with following services:
  • Owners securities account opening
  • Collective custody account opening
  • Execution of orders for ownership change
  • Receivables collection, and performing other actions from securities
  • Informing and representing on shareholders meetings
  • Cash settlement through special purpose accounts
  • Custody for pension funds

We are member of Central Depository Agency. Invest Bank Montenegro is custody bank for pension fund "Penzija Plus".


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HKD - Hong Kong dollar9.5680
JPY - Japanese yen135.4000
NOK - Norwegian krone9.6308
SEK - Swedish krona9.8228
CHF - Swiss franc1.1795
GBP - British pound0.8886
USD - United States dollar1.2230
RSD - Serbian dinar118.3742
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